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Salt & Light Counseling is a safe harbor for individuals needing support and guidance as they navigate through challenges in their lives. It is a place where couples and families learn to work together to resolve issues that impact their daily lives and result in unintentional and unplanned misdirection. It is a place where parents and children learn to find a common ground. Salt & Light Counseling provides a calm place to explore possibilities. It is a place of encouragement where individuals can identify solutions that will assist them in mapping out a course of action that leads to life's treasure chest of unrealized talents and dreams and ultimately fulfillment. Salt & Life Counseling is a place where there is no judgement, only opportunity for personal growth. 


Currently only Telehealth appointments are being offered. There are no face-to-face appointments. 

Hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

Sessions are by appointment only and hours are subject to change

Individual therapy is for adults (18+) who are motivated to activate change in their life. Change in how they think, or feel and/or respond to life situations. Therapy may focus on challenging cognitions as well as on developing emotion regulation skills and emotional intelligence. 

Couples therapy is appropriate for couples who are married already as well as for couples who may be currently dating. Treatment orientation would include Prepare & Enrich for couples looking to strengthen their relationship and for couples looking to complete a premarital counseling curriculum. For coupes looking for marriage enrichment and/or repair, Gottman techniques and interactions may be utilized. 

Grief and loss are a natural and painful part of life. Quite often individuals do not realize that part of what they may be experiencing are symptoms of grief and loss. Psychoeducation about grief is important in helping individuals recognize how grief may be impeding their ability to move forward in life with resiliency. David Kessler's grief education and treatment approach is used to support individuals towards healing. 

Whether you are raising your biological child(ren), your bonus child(ren) or if you are part of a blended or adoptive family, parenting can be hard and it is often not something that individuals have been trained to do. Help is also available for those parents who are trying to navigate the complexities of co-parenting. Several treatment modalities are utilized to meet parents where they are and assist them in nurturing and developing healthier parent-child relationships through accountability, vulnerability and improved communication. 

Part of our self-improvement journey includes learning through the acquisition of relevant information and increasing our self awareness. This type of learning can be facilitated in connection with others who are also on the same path to self discovery. Please stay tuned for more information about how to join a future a class.

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